Looking Back: Skeleton attacks Armstrong !

Looking back at some of the previous events in the Library’s history is as captivating and astounding as hearing about the new and present exploits of the curators. Here we look back at a failed investigation by the Library and what the future holds for the case…

In 1936 whilst onstage in New York City, Louis Armstrong came under attack from what appeared to on lookers to be, a skeleton. Whilst many dismissed the claims at the time and wrote the incident off as a publicity stunt. The Library investigated the disturbance and on doing so discovered it had not been an attack by monster kind on the musician. But instead the skeleton in question was that of Humphrey Turner a jazz musician from New York who had died in two years prior. Humphrey had been a fan of the upcoming star that Armstrong was and had come up especially to see the show. Merely carried away by the spirit of the performance Humphrey had tried to join in with Armstrong attempting to showcase his own jazz talents. Forgetting his place in his new- (lack of) skin Humphrey’s attempts to play came across as a vicious assault on a human. The following night the Library curator investigating the attack attempted to trap the Skeleton by luring him out with more of Armstrong’s Jazz. The attempt was unsuccessful.

Though the skeleton in question and pictured was never apprehended.

The Library remains confident that in time he will show his face again, this time they will be ready.

Skeleton Attack

1936 Humphrey Turner attacks Louis Armstrong, mid performance.


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