Looking Back: Monster Orphans found !

Looking back at some of the previous events in the Library’s history is as captivating and astounding as hearing about the new and present exploits of the curators. Here we look at monumental case for the Library and one that still to this day stands out as a captivating   event…

In 1802 the Library was called out by a worried theme park owner. The cause of his worry was expressed in a letter as; “THERE BE DEVILS IN MY TRAILER !!”. The curator on the case expected on arrival to find nothing but light tricks and an inebriated manager. Nothing could be further from the truth. Case records show that the out of business theme park was situated upon the cliffs of eastern Brazil. The cliffs themselves were investigated by a Chinese news team in 2008 after a couple claimed they had discovered a confused theme park owner claiming to be 0ver 200 years old.

After a two week travel to get there, the Curator found no sign of a manager or a theme park. Instead he came face to face with a breeding ground of terror. This is the first sighting and known home of child monsters. There has never been a found explanation to how or why they were there, but further investigation till the mid 1850’s remain secret even to this day, due to the great fire which destroyed the 1850’s record department within the Library.

Word has it that the investigating curator found a park brimming with orphan abandoned monsters. The worst case of orphan neglect since records began, though to the general public monster orphans remain an anonymity. The photo bellow shows how this group of monster orphans, (all of different breeds) had stolen the theme park owners clothing in order to try and blend into human life.

Future cases of orphan monster all show influence from this great discovery. No matter how scattered the facts or vague the story. The discovery of orphan monster attempting to become human was something that is as haunting now as it was to the Curator in 1802.

1802 Rare sighting of orphan monsters


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