Looking Back: Do my eyes deceive me ? A Seaweed Monster ?


Looking back at some of the previous events in the Libraries history is as captivating and astounding as hearing about the new and present exploits of the curators. Here we look back at the San Franciscan Seaweed Monster, and the curious case of the missing ships captains. In 1954 following the release of the Universal Monsters Documentary; The Creature from the Black Lagoon. There was a steep rise in the number of reports to police and coast guards regarding Sea Monster sightings and attacks.

The Press called it a phase, an over reaction. The Police dismissed reports as mass hysteria caused by the film they had seen.
(If you would like to witness the original documentary footage of the investigation into the Creature from  the Black Lagoon you can do so by clicking over there >> WATCH HERE )
But despite the supposed sightings and attacks being dismissed as fake, they continued to take place, and in San Francisco things began to take a bizarre twist.

In 1954 two years following the initial release of the Creature from the… The Library of Living Monsters was alerted to the suspicious disappearances  of a number of sea captains in the San Franciscan bay area.  The reports stated that for the past 3 months, all boats going through the area carrying cargo over a certain weight, had ended up washed up on the shores of the bay, the captain of the ship missing and crew crying madness about a Seaweed fiend.

Of course the library investigated, and the curators traveled to the bay area to examine the case. There our old records show that the curators of our library discovered not one but two Seaweed Monsters hiding out in the depths of the bay. Not only that, but inside there cavernous layer of evil seaweed, the held captive over 56 sea captains. Their reason for doing this ? They had none.

To this day those two Seaweed Monsters sit in silence in the Library walls, refusing to shed any light on their crimes. But for now at least we know that the San Franciscan Bay is safe for all sea captains to pass through, no matter their cargo.

Genuine photograph taken by a crewman aboard a ship targeted by the Seaweed Monsters.

Genuine photograph taken by a crewman aboard a ship targeted by the Seaweed Monsters.

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Inside the Library: Dracula.


Once in a while The Library of Living Monsters allows the public a glimpse behind the curtain and into the Library’s vast collection of monsters and ghouls of all shapes and sizes. From the serious to the mischievous. The cute and cuddly and then those which if seen would turn you to stone they are so horrifying.
Today Is one of those days. In fact it is the first time in a long time that the Library has allowed such unparalleled access into its walls of secrecy. SO in celebration of this rare event, we here at the Library of Living Monsters offer you a glimpse at one of the most DANGEROUS and most famous occupants to call the Library home. Dracula.

Here you may see the only image of Dracula in existence following his capture by the brave curators of the Library.


Dracula Encased Inside His Prison Of Ice

As you can see Dracula is encased inside a wall of Ice. He is frozen solid. Unable to move or speak. He is a prisoner, held to order and safely kept away deep inside the Library’s walls. You have nothing to worry about. For nearly 230 years he has been held without any issue, this will not change. You are all completely safe to continue your day as you were without having to worry about impending Vampiric danger.

The Library’s method of encasing Dracula ensures a preservation of the highest quality meaning the beast can be studied and held for future generation to learn and witness. It also is the safest form of containing such a powerful beast.

This concludes the Library Tour for now. We hope you have enjoyed your time behind the curtain, Inside the Library.