Current Investigation: Mutant Snail Racing ?


The Library of Living Monsters in conjunction with Dreamworks Animation have been working on a documentary focusing on the underground Monster sport of, MUTANT SNAIL RACING !

In a film released later this year, we carefully observe the Monstrous sport of Mutant Snails attempting to recreate the human racing of Formula 1.

The trailer for the film can be found over there >>>> Trailer Click Here.

The Film also follows the story of one Mutant snails attempts to gain magical powers to attack the world at lightening speeds. Something the Library will continue to pay close attention too.

If you do not like clicking buttons then the trailer is also embedded bellow.

WARNING ! do not be fooled by their cuteness.


Inside the Library: GODZILLAAAAA!


The Library of Living Monsters is pleased to announce that Japan will be releasing the very first commemorative stamps attributing to the Godzilla attacks of 1954.
The attack by Godzilla left a path of destruction, which many believed Tokyo could never recover from. The event was captured on film by Ishiro Honda, a brave native of the town who just so happened to have his camera with him at the time of the attacks. The film was seen around the world. Millions watched in horror wondering whether the monster Godzilla could be stopped or would he potentially reach other countries on its  path of destruction. Clips of the film can be found here >> FILM CLIPS

The Mindless actions of the beast are still vague to this day. But the effect its attack left upon the people of Tokyo will never be forgotten.

The limited run of stamps aim to remind the people of Japan and the world about what happened on that fateful day, and give thanks that  the beast Godzilla has not been seen since 1998.

Tribute stamp commemorating those lost in the 1954 attack by Godzilla.

Tribute stamp commemorating those lost in the 1954 attack by Godzilla on the people of Tokyo

Monster University Discovered !


Here at Library we have been observing the case of a potential Monster University for quite sometime. Though only now have the Library’s brave associates at Disney finally discovered the truth behind the myth !
In a rare hidden camera documentary, The Library of Living Monsters offers you a glimpse into the world of Monster University and the brave undercover work that our Library’s Curators have been doing.

A trailer for the Monster University Documentary can be found bellow..

Terrifying stuff.