Inside the Library: The Spirit of Halloween


Once in a while The Library of Living Monsters allows the public a glimpse behind the curtain and into the library’s vast collection of monsters and ghouls of all shapes and sizes. From the serious to the mischievous. The cute and cuddly, and those which if seen would turn you to stone.They are so horrifying !
Today is one of those days. In fact it is the first time in a long time that the Library has allowed such unparalleled access into its walls of secrecy. In celebration of this The Library of Living Monster offers you a peek at one of our most rare and unknown inmates.

The Spirt of Halloween…

The Spirit of Halloween. The British saint of Halloween,

The Spirit of Halloween. The British saint of Halloween

Ever wondered why Britain isn’t as mad for Halloween as America ? Have you ever thought that at one time they were ? That in Britain Halloween was as big as Christmas !

Well it was.

In 1798 King George III declared a war on Halloween, announcing that his citizens were spending too much time and too much effort on the October Celebrations. He offered a reward for any man or woman who could capture The Spirit of Halloween.
Now The Spirit of Halloween had been part of the British Isles for many year prior to King Georges announcement. His large pumpkin face and cat balloon had often led the British in their celebrations. In fact The Spirit of Halloween was dubbed the British saint of All Hallows Eve. As the years passed the power and respect for the Spirit grew, to the point where this upset the monarchs and leaders of the times. King George was merely the first to put his foot down.
So on a grim November the people of the British isles arrived at the home of The Spirit of Halloween, and marched him into custody of the crown. He remained in prison for over two centuries, as Halloween slowly faded from the British public’s consciousness.

The origins of The Spirit of Halloween are unknown though portraits and works from the time suggest that he was a normal man, struck down in a Halloween themed accident and when he recovered he had a Pumpkin for a head and the body of a bat covered clown, his pet cat survived; only as a balloon head. 

The Library had tried on many occasions to gain access to The Spirit of Halloween, offering him refuge and safety within the library’s walls. However all request were turned down by the crown. Until the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, who released The Spirit of Halloween into The Library of Living Monsters custody, where to this day he sits in his padded room, where it is Halloween everyday for him and his little cat balloon.

As for Britain, they never quite have recovered  their Halloween spirit, despite many American companies attempts to bring it back into the mainstream. You will never catch them doing anything like this… Watch a Clip of American Halloweeners


Warning: Tomorrow Night !


As you may already know, tomorrow night is All Hallows’ Eve.

Tomorrow night is a night that should of course be enjoyed to its full. Sweets should be eaten ! Apples should be bobbed ! Monsters should roam the streets ! But just remember ladies and gentleman, all is not as it seems. What you may think is an innocent choir boy in a bed sheet, or a preteen wrapped in toilet roll. Could possibly be one of the few remaining vigilante monster that have managed for years to escape our Curators clutches.

Here at the library we are offering a guide.

A guide of monsters to watch out for, protocol when faced with these monsters and of course how to contact the Library if indeed needed.


You presumably over the course of the evening encounter many apparent creatures and ghouls. Here is a compiled list of monster which should not be opened the door too. If you indeed encounter any of the fugitives. Please send a photo to the Library at this address:

Here the library can deal with all suspected cases and build from there. Your contribution would be much appreciated.

1. The Monster Kitchen Appliance

A lesser known monster. But one that shows up every Halloween. Hard to spot and often hard to work out quite what it is. The Monster Kitchen Appliance has the knack of change his appearance each year. From the Kitchen sink to the dishwasher or even the oven. The Monster Kitchen Appliance has caused terror each year. His shape shifting abilities mean he has gone undetected by the Library’s Curators for over 15 years. Often he appears to be bedraggled and made of cardboard and egg cups. Beware. This is a ruse we have come accustomed to regarding the Monster Kitchen Appliance. As hi-tec or as shambolic as it may appear. The Monster Kitchen Appliance must be found.

The Monster Kitchen Appliance photo

The Monster Kitchen Appliance, last Halloween he was spotted as a Washing Machine.

2. King Kong

Despite his large size, Kong or King Kong as he is known to his subjects,  has evaded capture and sighting since 2005. Film maker Peter Jackson was the last to actually spot the destructive monster. His subsequent documentary of the beasts attack on New York City shows the startling magnitude of the necessity to capture the beast. Any sightings at all, do please get in touch with your local curator at the above address.

Picture of King Kong

Artist representation of the beast known as Kong.

3. SAM

Sam maybe the most secretive and well protected monsters on the loose from the Library. His size and stature mean Halloween is the only safe time for him to appear. No sightings have occurred outside of Halloweens 24 hour period. Sam is often viewed as a cult monster. Worshiped and praised by many for his dedication to the Halloween spirit. This does not alter the fact he is a highly dangerous and frightening beast. If you are unlucky enough to be greeted at your door by his sack covered face. Alert the Library immediately !

Photo of SAM

The last sighting of SAM. His public appearances on Halloween know no bounds.


For years Ernie and Bert have wreaked havoc for the Library’s Curators. Publicly mocking them with their constant TV appearances and Fame. These two will be seen tomorrow night. Please report any sightings at the given email address. Future cases involving these two will be addressed later. But for now. They must be found.

Photo of Bert and Ernies

Bert & Ernie outside their house of evil, Casting spells onto innocent towns folk. One of their many terrifying acts of monster cruelty.

5. The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man has been in custody of the Library at 67 differing occasions. However each time it has proven impossible to maintain his capture. Due to of course the nature of his being… Invisible. If tomorrow night you have any “invisible acts” of curious happenings or sighting. Please send your photos to the Library address.

No photo representation available.

Though many have tried to capture the essence of his personality in films that may be found in the Motion Theatre of the Library.

There we have the top five monsters the Library hope to locate and curate this Halloween. But we can only do it with your help. Please contact the Library at : with any sightings or photos.