Current Investigation: The Mexican Case of El Chupravidrio


The Library of Living Monsters is offering YOU ! The reader, a chance to look inside current investigations taking place within the Library’s walls.

At the time of writing the Library’s Mexican Curators are in the process of investigating the rare mythical beast knwon own to the locals as, El Chupravidrio !
The Name translated here to mean, The Crystal Eater.

Centuries of Mexican folk law speak of how El Chupravidrio plagued the towns people. Stalking them by night, entering their homes and helping himself to all crystals or wealth it could find within the house.
Many believed at first that El Chupravidrio was in fact a cat burglar, and many men were arrested in connection with the police investigations.
However as incidents of jewel/crystal theft continued across the years. Rare sightings began to come to the surface of a darkened beast with fire red eyes leaving the scenes of the crimes. In 1945 Hector Medina was quoted by police stating; ” It was a beast with black fur. He moved in the shadows and he not only took my money and my fathers jewelry, but he ate it !”

Hector Medina wasn’t the only victim to report of the beast eating their families fortune. Soon word spread and villagers began to dub the thief as El Chupravidrio. The Crystal Eater.
As these thefts continued and word of the beast spread to Europe and Asia, cartoonists and writers began to produce work on El Chupravidrio, although Asian cartoonists depicted the crystal eater as The goat eater, giving rise to the mistaken identity of El Chupracabra.  Here you can see an episode of Jackie Chan where the beast plagues havoc on the Mexican people.  WATCH HERE

Despite this case of mistaken identity the Library began a thorough investigation into El Chupravidrio.  A search which has been to this moment, unsuccessful.  Recent report from mexico suggest the beast has moved further south of the Mexican boarders. Others state the beast has followed the gold rush into North America. All the library knows is that El Chupravidrio is out there still. So be warned to keep all crystals and valuables away from the lurks of shadows.

One of many native drawings of the beast known as El Chupravidrio

One of many native drawings of the beast known as El Chupravidrio.