Those Behind The Library

For years people have tried to learn more about The Library of Living Monsters. Searching the globe for answers. Sending spies into the Library itself in hope of revealing its secrets. Kidnapping various curators. Some groups have even gone as far as posing as monsters in order to be taken into the library’s custody. And though these issues never cease The Library of Living Monsters has maintained a sophisticated silence, going about it duty to protect those in danger of monster kind and offer insight into the monster world.

But today for the first time ever The Library of Living Monsters reveals it’s origins…

The Library of Living Monsters was set up by a young English boy by the name of Luke Imeson.

Luke Imeson spends his time with his dog, writing stories and sometimes drawing, he doesn’t like to talk about himself.
If you need to contact him, he will lovingly reply –    @LukeImeson

Here is a picture of his dog. To distract you from this message.


Here is a dog.

Here is a dog.


here is a song to listen too whilst looking at the dog..




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