Do you have an interest in adventure that is ready to conquer more than your imagination can comprehend ?

If so…
You should probably enter the exciting and rewarding world of curating for The Library of Living Monsters.
Simply keep your eyes peeled and notify the Library of any monster,ghost or skeletal happenings you encounter. No matter how small.

Send your stories and applications to:

Or tweet the Library of Living monsters at the following link >>


3 thoughts on “Yourself

  1. This may not count as full-on-monsterness, but…
    Last year, in my son’s class at school, there was a boy called Godzilla.
    (No really, there was. But I do live in Thailand, which explains why there was also a girl called Yoghurt!)

  2. There is a town in eastern WA state called Zilla. And the Church of God there decided to change its sign. 🙂

    I found a bone out back, a rib. Perhaps it is from cattle…but it wasn’t there the other day and I have never seen cattle in these parts.

    My mother used to dress up as a total witch (she was a theater person, so she looked darned REAL) every Halloween when I was in grade school and whip through the school going into every classroom and terrorizing people. I kept my head down and didn’t show any of my classmates that I actually knew it was my mother. They never knew, as far as I know. She loved to frighten me and my brother, goading us up the stairs to brush our teeth and wash our faces before the end of the commercial during our favorite show before bedtime. Half way up the darkened staircase, she would screech like a witch, and cackle, sending us dashing up to turn on the light. What a mom!

    Love the site, keep it up and thanks for the opportunity to unload these tales. 🙂

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